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Raising the profile

The issue:
For over 400 years ScotsCare have been helping Scots, and the children of Scots in London. Data suggests there has been a rapid growth of Scottish residents in London and surrounding areas over the last 5 years but there has been a decrease in the numbers accessing ScotsCare services.

The Brief:

ScotsCare were keen to bridge the gap and raise the profile of the charity. They commissioned Siskin to support them with their marketing and communication strategy.

Our Approach:

Siskin worked collaboratively with the CEO and communications team to gather existing insight and understand cultural and organisational need. We applied nudge theories to the inform our approach. We co-produced and delivered:

  • A marketing and communications plan, identifying a new proposition and offer, specific for children and families, positioning a consistent message and ways to measure impact
  • A brand book to ensure content distinguishes the ScotsCare brand, establishing a strong voice that resonates with their audience supporting to build brand awareness
  • A set of illustrated characters to support in developing the ScotsCare brand identity that can be used across a variety of platforms
  • An Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) plan – seeking support from assessing the resources, skills, and experience available in the community to take ScotsCare ’s key messages to wider audience
  • Case study infographics to support in demonstrating real life stories

And as a result:

ScotsCare now have a robust marketing and communications plan that aligns to the overall organisational strategy, and can be easily implemented in house. In addition, the design of the new illustrated Scottish characters are well-placed to reinforce the ScotsCare message and in communicating to new and exisiting first and second generation Scots.

What the client said:

”Siskin strove to understand our unique organisation and provide insight about our place in the London charity sector. They spent considerable time with our staff to gain a clear picture of our clientele and the range of services we offer. We now have a clear marketing and communications strategy and assets we can use to better market ScotsCare as a charity helping Scots in London”

Shona Fleming

ScotsCare – CEO