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Cheshire Sub Region Domestic Abuse Board

Domestic Abuse Campaign – Open the Door Cheshire

The issue:
Domestic abuse can be a hidden harm, and while there is support for both victims and perpetrators the abuse must be reported for support to be offered. Cheshire Strategic Domestic Abuse Board was considering an ‘umbrella brand’ for the sub-region, to ensure all partners were providing a consistent, co-ordinated domestic abuse campaign across the region that would encourage victims and perpetrators to come forward for help.

The Brief:

Siskin was commissioned to conduct research and provide specialist marketing and communications to inform the direction and content for the pan-Cheshire domestic abuse campaign.

Our Approach:

Siskin advocates the importance and value of working with local partner networks and those with specific expertise in specialist areas, for the purpose of this project, including those with lived experience of domestic abuse. We worked closely with the Cheshire Domestic Abuse Co-ordinators, key stakeholders and directly with the friends and family of victims of domestic abuse and with victims and perpetrators. Working with these groups we delivered:

  • Research with a sample of friends, family and victims of domestic abuse and perpetrators, using a range of research methods
  • Stakeholder engagement to include front line staff
  • Informed the domestic abuse campaign ‘Open the Door Cheshire’ aimed to raise awareness of the support that is available for victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse and to encourage reporting, making victims feel more confident in seeking help and support
  • Co-created content for a suite of materials to be used locally across a broad range of audiences
  • Supported the development of a website, hosting key and consistent messages that aim to signpost victims to the free help and advice that is available to them where they live
  • A full report providing recommendations and demonstrating how Siskin co-created the direct link between our insights and application across the campaign

And as a result:

What the client said:

“Siskin approached the challenge in a thoroughly professional, energetic and passionate manner. Frontline workers who were approached during the insight-gathering phase were impressed by Siskin’s knowledge and subject sensitivity, and Siskin made a significant contribution to the development of a multi-agency strategic communication plan for domestic abuse.”

Cheshire Sub Region Domestic Abuse Board