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Supporting Sustainability

The issue:
Charities rely on grants and charitable donations. During this prolonged period of austerity income for this sector has become even more precarious and many charities are seeking new ways of raising awareness of their work and increasing their income.

The Brief:
Borderline is the only charity specifically helping homeless Scots in London, with a vision that every Scot in London will have a home and receive the support they need to lead a healthy, independent life. Borderline commissioned Siskin to support raising the profile of the charity and sustainability.

Our Approach:

Siskin worked collaboratively with the communications team to ensure we understood their approach, needs and beliefs and that they were engaged with both the process and results of our work. Together we delivered:

  • An audit of existing marketing materials
  • An analysis of key areas of success
  • Interviews with staff across the organisation
  • A comprehensive marketing and communications plan that could be easily adopted internally that measured impact
  • An Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) plan
  • Case study infographics
  • A new campaign -‘Homeless is not my name.’

And as a result:

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What the client said:

“The Siskin team were always very patient, cooperative, and ensured that we understood the context and content of the marketing programme and worked closely with us. Siskin are more than a consultancy, we consider Siskin to be partners who have a genuine interest in our work and helping us to achieve maximum and sustainable benefit from our efforts.“

Scott Swinton

Borderline, Head of Communications